We Singing Colors

  • Andrei Hațegan – vocals, guitar
  • Roxana Niculae – vocals, keyboards
  • Joseph Burton – drums
  • Cătălin Lungu – bass

We Singing Colors combines indie-rock with folk and electro and pop-alternative elements to create their own lively world. It's a mix of dance invitations and happiness, with descents into the depths of sadness, resulting in self-reconciliation and a good vibe. If their first album, Made of Wool, Made of Heavy Metal, was more dreamy and minimalist, with a reverberating emphasis on a melancholic acoustic, their second, Lone Learner, completed the picture with more elaborate sounds, in which rhythms, synths and percussion play an important role. The third album, Hopium, keeps the eclectic line on the border between indie, folk and pop, over which new sounds are laid down and left for you to discover.

Muzicon.hub, Anturaj, Center for Projects

Financed by:
City of Timișoara through the Center for Projects

Part of

City Celebration

City Celebration