What remains? Performance by George Pleșca | Premiere

On Tuesday 11 July, at 7.30pm, we welcome you to What Remains (work in progress), a contemporary dance performance about the power of assimilating and overcoming loss. The performance will take place in the Youth House auditorium, with free admission.

What Remains is a performance by George Pleșca and aims to explore the territory between us and the tragedies around us, and begins its search by starting from three questions:

  • How far are we from death?

  • When does a loss really affect me?

  • What is left behind?

The show captures 3 characters going through passages in their own lives, trying to come more and more to the surface, coming to acceptance. 

Choreography and interpretation: Mariana Gavriciuc, Anastasia Preotu and George Pleșca;

Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto / Devonte Hynes / Wladimir M / Muse / Daniel Stănciucu;

Sound design: Daniel Stănciucu;

The performance is brought to Timișoara at the initiative of choreographer Lavinia Urcan and is part of CADRE & FORME - a complex dance programme developed by the associations Noi Re-Creăm and Unfold Motion, included in the Cultural Programme "Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" and financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Timișoara Project Centre.

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