Workshop on non-formal learning tools for teachers and youth workers

We invite all educators who are still interested about their professional development to learn the non-formal learning techniques and methods applied in the "Non-Formal High School Experiment" project.

The workshop consists of a two-day training for youth workers and employees in the education or child protection system, aiming to give them a quick introduction to the approaches and tools of the Labyrinth Sensory Theatre method.
The aim of the activity is to provide a practical basis of exercises specifically aimed at young people, which have a potential for non-formal education, that participants can apply in their professional activities.

We will conclude the workshop with an open discussion session in which we will outline together with the participants how non-formal education methods can be better applied in their professional work. We will also identify how activities such as this workshop can be better tailored to their professional needs.

Part of

The Non-Formal College Experiment

The Non-Formal College Experiment