The Institute of the Present organises a series of workshops open to children and adults between 8-100 years old, led by artists Mădălina Dan (choreographer) and Maria Mandea (visual artist), based on the installation “Me and the line”. You can join to come with your friends and family by chosing a time-slot for the holiday on June 1-2 at

With the help of simple elements and tools, by being placed in a given space and with a series of instructions for use, the installation is activated by the workshop participants, who become in turn players and observers, experiencing ways in which movement can generate meaning both in action and in visual representation. The installation “Me and the line” is created by an artistic team composed of Mădălina Dan, Ștefania Ferchedău, Maria Mandea, accompanied by sound artist Mara Mărăcinescu, and is inspired by the practice of the Portuguese choreographer Vera Mantero.

The educational and mediation programme “You Are Here”, part of the Institute of the Present’s “Uncensored Act” project, with activities dedicated to children, young people and adults, includes workshops and artist presentations inspired by artists’ practice and works, regardless of their mode of expression, be it performative, visual or in dedicated books. The programme brings to the centre of attention the experiential and conceptual framework of the artists, revisiting their activity from various perspectives and with specific tools.

IP—The Institute of the Present is a research and an artist and theory resource platform in the field of visual and performing culture conceived by Ștefania Ferchedău and Alina Șerban.

The “Uncensored Act” programme, which features the event, dwells on the idea of community, collective action, collaboration and solidarity in the spirit of shared values, with a route that is triggered by the history of Timișoara in the 1989 context, connected regionally and internationally through the proposed artistic content.

Image: “Me and the Line” workshop at Minitremu in Timișoara, 2022, photo by Cornel Putan

This project is part of the national cultural programme “Timișoara—European Capital of Culture in the year 2023” and is funded by the Municipality of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

Part of

Uncensored Act

Uncensored Act

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