Youth Everlasting and Life Without End

"Youth Everlasting and Life Without End" is a theater show with giant puppets and live music. Inspired by the homonymous story collected by Petre Ispirescu in 1862, the show tells the story of Romanian folklore's supranatural, of its mythological philosophy, immortality, happiness, life and death. From the specific mythological characters of the Romanian fairytales, to the arrangement of the audience, the show succeeds in highlighting the well-known Romanian fairy tales with all its undertones, as well as in spotlighting the importance of its contemporary interpretation.

The theater show "Youth Everlasting and Life Without End" is one of the highlights of the Cultural Programme of Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture.

The price of a standard ticket is 50 lei. Children between the ages of 4-12 get a 50% discount. The show is recommended for children aged 4+. Tickets available on 25 July / 26 July / 27 July / 28 July / 29 July / 30 July 2023

Produced by Prin Banat Association in collaboration with AUĂLEU theater from Timișoara
Directed by Ovidiu Mihăiță, narrated by Christine Cizmaș
Scenography by Ciprian Vasile Tauciuc 
Costumes by Lia Pfeiffer
Artwork and decor painting by Livia Coloji 
Choreography by xiri tara noir
Sound design by Conny Zenk 
Choirmaster: Beatrice Leila Imre
Music: Sol Faur
Production coordinator: Bogdan Cotîrță Gruicin
Puppet master: Cuța Gornic

The show premiered in 2021 as part of cultural projects: Moving Fireplaces x Centriphery. Centriphery is an European project that gives the citizens of the so-called 'periphery' a central voice in exploring and transforming local narratives and myths, encouraging them to participate in recreating local identities and European narratives. Conducted by Festival der Regionen (Austria), this large-scale European project was carried out from 2018-2022 and brought together 8 partners: New Culture Foundation (Bulgaria), Dansehallerne (Denmark), Espoo City Theatre (Finland), La Manufacture Collectif Contemporain (France), Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture (Croatia), Cultura Nova Festival (Netherlands), Walk & Talk (Azores Islands, Portugal) and Prin Banat Association (Romania).

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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Moving Fireplaces

Moving Fireplaces