Liberty Square was the center of the medieval Timișoara during the Ottoman occupation, the place, the bazaar, the bathhouse and a mosque. The square was named after 1700 the Square of Weapons and later Prince Eugen Square. Today's name was given for the first time in 1848 when the then-mayor announced the citizen’s support for the Hungarian revolution from the balcony of the Town Hall.

The primary function of the square in the 18th century was a military one, as it was where armed troops assembled fordisplay and parades. The Casino, an imposing building on this square, was built in the late baroque style with rococo elements, housing large rooms and a festive hall for officers' balls, with stairs with marble railings leading to a terrace open to the square.
Now a space open to outdoor cultural activities, Libertății Square is one of the areas in Timișoara with an imposing past. It is also the subject of multiple debates about its appearance.


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