Acetobă feat Arcuș | JAZZx

Acetobă means experiment in creation, influenced by undefined states left by the spaces in oblivion in the human mind.
It is the newest project of drummer Radu Pieloiu, who through this experiment adopts the electronic side and integrates it into his live setup.

Acetobă concert within JAZZx 2023 also brings a new experiment for the artists, the collaboration with saxophonist Alexandru Arcuș, who also integrates the effects and live sound processing into his setup.

Radu Pieloiu – drums, synths, sequencer, sampler, fx, electronic stuff;
Ana Pieloiu – guitar, fx;
Lucian Naste – synth, fx.

JAZZx is part of the National Programme “Timisoara – European Capital of Culture” and is funded by the Timis County Council. Organised by the National Museum of Banat, produced and developed by PLAI Cultural Centre.

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