Blue Noise | JAZZx

Marina-Alexandra Arsene (soprano), Elena Moroșanu (mezzo soprano), Ana Dubyk (alto), Mihail Grigore (tenor), Bogdan Tudor (bass) and Denis Bolborea (vocal percussion/beatbox) form the “voice laboratory” where they experiment, explore and play with a diverse range of sounds that the human voice can produce.

Blue Noise is the story of antagonisms that together create an original musicality. The colour blue takes you to thoughts of tranquillity, melancholy, harmony. And noise is the disturbing element, it brings dissonance, lack of calm. Blue is also a reference to the mythical jazz label Blue Note, jazz being the musical genre at the heart of the band’s repertoire. Noise represents all the other influences that enrich this repertoire. The two together tell the story of a unique band in Romania: six voices create a cappella music like you’ve never heard before!

JAZZx is part of the National Programme “Timisoara – European Capital of Culture” and is funded by the Timis County Council. Organised by the National Museum of Banat, produced and developed by PLAI Cultural Centre.

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