Zoleevee, whose real name is Zoltan Varga, developed a passion for music even before the 1989 Revolution, during the times when Kashtan tape recorders or cassette decks were in fashion. Starting from 1996, this passion turned into a DJ career at Timișoara's first private radio station, Radio Vest, where he hosted themed shows and more. Since 1999, he has embraced a career as a music editor for various local publications and beyond.

Music has numerous facets, so in 2010, Zoltan Varga launched the music review blog "DeAscultat." Over the years, Zoleevee has been invited to perform at various festivals and in numerous clubs. Considering the diversity of musical styles that make up Zoleevee's "melange," his sets cover a multitude of trends from both contemporary and "retro" eras. Whether it's rock or synth-pop, electronic body music, punk, reggae, disco, drum and bass, or melodic techno, music is magical. So, expect a healthy mix of awesome music.

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