The Kolping movement has a tradition of over 160 years in Romania. It is named after its founder, the German priest Adolph Kolping (1813-1865), who promoted the idea of ​​association of young people in response to the problems generated by the industrial revolution.

We continue the tradition of the Association of Catholic Journeymen with the ideals of our founder, Fr. Adolph Kolping. We set out to rebuild Casa Calfelor in the Fabric district of Timișoara in order to contribute to the development of society through social and training programs .

Casa Calfelor Catolice Timișoara (Catholic home and headquarters of the Calfelor Catolice Association) used to be on Tigrulu street no. 7 and was well known by the people of Timisoara, especially those from the Fabric District. In 2015, it was demolished to make way for a villa, despite many protests from the Cultural Association Save the Heritage of Timișoara and the local media.


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