In 1932, the Civil Aviation Directorate included in its activity programme the establishment of an airport to serve Timișoara. On 29 May 1935, a verbal process for the establishment of the Timișoara Municipal Airport was concluded between the delegates of the Municipality of Timișoara and the State Air Under-Secretariat.

Although this aerodrome was active for only one year as an airport, in the period 1941 - 1942, it has the architecture and planning of that period, a large and imposing hangar with a built area of 1973 square meters and an imposing airfield with a built area of 340 square meters.

According to the approved regulation, currently, the land is located in Timisoara, Calea Torontalului, km. 3, can be rented occasionally for cultural, artistic, sports and aeronautical events and for the use of the runway/runway/clearway extension and stop extension.


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