Mihai Viteazul Bridge, the old name was the Bridge of the Mill Square, built in 1908, was demolished in 1980 and replaced by a new bridge. The designer of the new bridge was the engineer Dr. Radu Marinov from the Timișoara Design Institute, and the execution was carried out by the Railway Construction Company Timișoara. The new bridge was opened in 1981.

The design for the bridge at Morii Square (today Mihai Viteazul) was drawn up by the design office of the Budapest university professor Kovács-Sebestény Aladár and the engineer Póka Rezső, and the architect of the bridge was Hikisch Rezső. The execution was carried out by the Budapest firm Magyar Beton- és Vasbeton - Épitési Vállalat WAYSS G. A. és Társa, and the work was carried out during 1908.

In order to improve the architecture of the bridge on the Mill Square, the town planning commission approved the proposal of the engineering office that a relief should be applied in the field of the piers, depicting the most important moments in the vicinity of the bridge. For this, the city has granted an additional 1000 kroner to the construction company. The four reliefs were saved from destruction and placed on the new Mihai Viteazul Bridge.

The bridge in the Mill Square was designed with a continuous girder structure. It had three spans (8 m + 31 m + 8 m) and a width of 15 m. In order to reduce the large positive moments in the field, the girder was continued beyond the trusses for another 8 m, and at the end of the trusses the cantilevers were filled in (for a length of almost 5 m), constituting the necessary counterweights. The main trusses were made of 40 mm diameter concrete iron. The construction of the bridge cost 117,000 kroner.

The bridge at the Mill Square was demolished in 1980 and replaced by a new bridge (today the Michael the Brave Bridge).

Unfortunately, due to an oversight in the placement of the salvaged bas-reliefs of the dismantled bridge, their original location was not respected. The bridge was put into service in 1981. The Cultural Centre and the New Millennium Reformed Church have recently been built in the area of the bridge.

(source spotlight-timisoara.eu)


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