Used until now only for measurements and scientific research, the Timisoara Seismological Observatory has opened its doors to Timisoara residents who want to find out what is behind the seismic phenomenon. This comes with the advent of the Seismo Lab project, funded by the Community Foundation through the Science Fund.

The Timisoara Seismological Observatory, a space used for scientific measurements and research since its foundation in 1965, has opened its doors to the public. The institution, now run by Adina Rău, daughter of former director Dan Rău, has obtained funding from the Timișoara Community Foundation through the Științescu Fund, with the help of which it has implemented a project called Seismo Lab.

The project aims to bring geoscience concepts closer to children, especially through interactive activities and online courses, but especially through visits to the Seismological Observatory in Timisoara, located at 59 Glad Street, where they can learn why earthquakes occur, what effects they can have on the earth's surface and how we can protect ourselves from the impact of earthquakes.


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