Victory Square, one of the most symbolic places in Timisoara, is little used by people for leisure. Most of them usually perceive the square horizontally, as a transit space.

Tree Nursery. 1306 Plants for Timisoara invites passers-by to stop for a few moments and observe Victory Square through a new experience, from above. The temporary installation, made of a modular, metal structure and housing a city nursery, is open to the general public for 10 months until the end of 2023. Each platform offers a vantage point with unique perspectives on iconic buildings and spaces, as well as a place for multiple cultural activities. The installation can be seen as a test for new possibilities to use, imagine and perceive public space. Considering the future urban transformations of the area, the proposal aims to question different functions and temporalities of the city and the involvement of different communities and institutions in the regeneration process. At the end of its lifespan, the nursery will put the structure, trees and plants back into circulation, respecting the logic of total reuse of resources.

The plant component of the project integrates successive layers of nature, from perennial species of trees, shrubs and flowering plants to annual species (productive and ornamental) produced in community gardens in Timisoara or at horticultural research and higher education institutions. The project thus aims to convey a strong message about urban (bio)diversity as an element of Timisoara's identity and the ecosystem services it brings to society. At the same time, the intervention also proposes an important community component by involving a local network of producers and society in general. Through the natural component, the nursery raises global issues such as climate change, desertification, lack of shaded areas, resource crises, co-existence of different life forms, botanical heritage of the city.


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