Sian Brie Trio Concert - live @ Pepinieră

Sian Brie Trio Concert, live @ Pepinieră!
Join us on Saturday, the 16th of September, from 20:00, in Victory Square, Timisoara, to listen to the live concert taking place on the first floor of The Nursery. 1306 Plants for Timisoara.  

The entrance is free, and participants will be able to enjoy the concert from Victory Square. The trio will perform live from the first floor of The Nursery, and access to the installation will be made as usual, according to the rules and maximum capacity.

The Sian Brie Trio was founded at the initiative of the guitarist Sian Brie (RO), together with Aram Shelton - saxophone (USA/RO) and Anthony Gutierrez - percussion (VE/RO).

Their musical performance merges jazz, cult music, and improvisation.

Organizer: OAR Timiș for the Cultural Program of Timisoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture.

Supported by Banca Transilvania.

The project is financed by the Municipality of Timisoara through the Center of Projects and by the Order of Romanian Architects through the Stamp of Architecture.

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Look at the City 2023

Look at the City 2023