OAR - The Order of Romanian Architects is a professional, non-profit, apolitical, public interest, autonomous and independent organization structured on territorial subsidiaries.

The OAR subsidiary aims to communicate to the general society that architecture is an act of public cultural interest with urban, economic, social and ecological implications. To intensify and consolidate the cultural dimension of architecture, OAR's cultural objectives are the promotion of quality architecture from the entire spectrum of manifestation, the creation and support of an environment of interaction (between the professional body, administration, civil society), the adaptation of architecture education to the socio-economic and cultural environment trends, as well as the promotion of regional cultural identity in a national and international context.

Since its establishment, OAR has organized numerous cultural projects, among which the most important is the Beta Timișoara architecture biennial (2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022), a project that continues the series of annuals organized by OAR (2007-2015) and which, since the first edition in 2016, has become one of the leading architectural events in country and Euroregion. Privește Orașul is another project developed by the OAR subsidiary over the years, starting from 2015 and which metamorphosed into the Spații Vii / Breathing Spaces route, thus contributing to the cultural program assumed by the candidacy file for Timișoara - European Capital of Culture.


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