The DALA Foundation is an active organization in the independent sector that promotes sustainable local/regional development through cultural projects and social engagement. Reorganized in 2006, it has carried out or is currently involved in educational projects in the fields of heritage, architecture, landscape architecture, environment, community development, volunteering, visual arts, multimedia projects, or local ecosystem research in partnerships with institutions or NGOs from Romania or abroad.

It has collaborated with universities, NGOs, young professionals, as well as local or central institutions and authorities from Romania or abroad involved in programs such as Erasmus, the Municipality of Sibiu, Sibiu County Council, the Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), the World Bank, or the General Secretariat of the Government. Since 2006, it has secured funding for approximately 60 annual or multi-year projects, and in the last 3 years, it has been actively engaged in several projects related to the revaluation of rivers in Romania.


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