City Celebration

During the weekend of 6-8 October 2023 we celebrate the city of Timișoara and invite you to explore the Timișoara 2023 cultural programme along the Bega River, reconnecting Timișoara’s neighbourhoods on the water and on the banks.

The river that runs through the city is a fantastic resource for urban transformation, and at the same time a silent witness to all the changes that have taken place over time. Timisoara’s urban identity is largely given by the Bega in its various guises: navigable canal, natural and cultural landscape. The city festival aims to rediscover lost links between Timisoara’s inhabitants and their natural world, to understand the river as a value, not yet used, for the city, and to experience the changes brought by cultural events.

Over the 3 days, we meet in Uszoda, and from there, upstream and downstream we rediscover the joy of being together on the living water. A series of diverse activities will bring together the public and professionals from the arts, architecture, biodiversity, education, sport, urbanism, gastronomy and the general public, with the aim of generating joy, opportunities to meet and spend time outdoors and a new sense of community around the water that flows through the city.
See you on the Bega!