City Voices. Focus

City Voices. Focus aims at the direct involvement of the citizen in the artistic act, stimulating formulas for personal expression and relationships within the community; creating a space for reflection and a platform for debate on difficult issues in the community/society through the specific tools of theatre; contributing to the evolution of contemporary Romanian drama by writing new plays; bringing cultural and social identities from different contexts into direct contact with each other in order to develop a system of European cultural knowledge, awareness and communication; involving European theatrical institutions and supporting the creativity of European directors and actors around target groups and local themes of international relevance.

For the year of the European capital of culture, City Voices. Focus brings:

  • Children's future: theatre performance with professional actors on the text resulting from the 2022 Children's future project, in co-production with the partner theatre(s) of European Theatre Convention network; 
  • Children's Oedipad: based on Lucian Blaga's play, Children's Crusade. The project explores with artists from different countries the impact of the pandemic on a generation of children with distorted family, educational, and psychological landmarks. The pandemic has affected education and social protection systems all over the world, regardless of the living standards of one country or another. The project proposes a reset point. Its starting point is a Romanian drama text, researched by three teams of actors, directors, choreographers from several European theatres. The project represents a context and a creative space at the confluence of literature, drama, psychology and sociology. It includes complementary research and 3 co-produced theatre performances at Hall 2 and/or outdoors in the Civic Park.