Digital Youth Training on Creative & Cultural Digital Entrepreneurship

In 2023, Timişoara, as the European Capital of Culture, undertook the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the involvement of citizens in the life of the city and the promotion of cultural entrepreneurship and creative industries. The available funds, the public interest generated by this program, the numerous cultural events represent business opportunities for those active in cultural and creative industries: film, television, radio, music, books, press, design, architecture, advertising, video games etc.

The DIYouth project aimed to provide - in the long term - training opportunities for both trainers and learners, having in view contributing to the development of the next generation of young European entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural sector. The project had a transnational approach, based on the perspective of several interested parties - public institutions, universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations active in the field, and aimed at the development of the following intellectual products:

  • (I) a toolkit for training young people in digital entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries;
  • (II) a train-the-trainer toolkit to enable youth workers to improve the level and effectiveness of their digital and entrepreneurial training capacity;
  • (III) an online digital acceleration platform to help young people bring their ideas to market in collaboration with investors, decision makers, clients and other actors in the creative and cultural industries.


The DIYouth project was carried out between December 1, 2021 and June 1, 2023 (18 months) with funding through the European Erasmus+ program by a consortium formed by institutional partners from four countries: the West University of Timișoara (coordinator), the "Timișoara 2023" Association - European Capital of Culture", Helixconnect (Romania), "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" Foundation (Serbia), YET (Greece) and ISQe (Portugal).