The purpose of the Association

The Timișoara 2023: European Capital of Culture Association was founded in 2011 by 63 individuals and public and independent cultural personalities, academics, journalists, business representatives, opinion leaders, and citizens. It is a non-heritable, non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and independent organization with a cultural and educational character of public utility.

Since its inception, the Association has aimed to prepare the city's candidacy file to obtain the European Capital of Culture title and subsequently implement it. Timișoara won the competition and was designated as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021; however, due to the pandemic crisis, the project's actual start was delayed until 2023. In this context, the main objectives of the Association are to prepare the cultural program for 2023, plan the events, ensure the coordination and implementation of the necessary measures for their conduct, as well as raise funds required for organization, promotion, and implementation.

In the immediate period following the events held in 2023, the Association will focus on supporting and developing cultural projects to benefit the community, considering their sustainability. The Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture Association aims to leave its mark on the people, spaces, and connections within the city, and after the activities of 2023, the most precious legacy will be the public educated in the spirit of European culture and education with an undeniable multicultural and multiethnic history.

photo credit @Raphaëlle Sleurs
photo credit @Raphaëlle Sleurs
Objectives of the Association

  • Communication and internal and international promotion of the Program, following the concept, artistic vision and communication strategy from the candidacy file based on which Timișoara was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture;
  • Development and implementation of the VolTM2023 program, a transversal volunteer program from the candidacy file based on which Timișoara was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture, based on a transgenerational/multicultural/social approach and personal and social responsibility;
  • Implementation of the fundraising strategy under the candidacy file based on which Timișoara was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture;
  • Monitoring the compliance with the main concepts/vision from the candidacy file based on which Timișoara was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture;
  • Training and improving local, regional, national and international actors in fields that correspond to the purpose and objectives;
  • Attracting support from interested and/or involved actors in implementing the Program;
  • Implementation of projects, including cultural ones, that correspond to their purpose and objectives.

Our objectives will be achieved progressively, based on a patient and duty-bound approach to the city's citizens.

The mission of the Association

The Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture Association intends to create, promote, and support a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive cultural space that reflects the multicultural, educational, historical, and civic values of the Timișoara community.

The Association aims to create a sustainable future for Timișoara, based on the city's identity, diversity, cultural creativity, and avant-garde, as a driving force for community development. Through this effort, the Association expects to reopen the discussion about the city's sustainable future and propose a new journey based on the intercultural, multi-confessional, entrepreneurial, and civic values of the Timișoara community in a contemporary European context.


The Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture Association believes that an engaged European citizen is characterized by inclusion, responsibility, technological competence, and self-confidence. Culture and creativity allow us to reconnect with other communities and take responsibility for our future. The ultimate goal is the legacy we will leave after 2023 as the European Capital of Culture. Through this experience, the citizens of Timișoara will have a revitalized civic energy and continue to engage as active European citizens, connected with other communities and ready to address the city's challenges together.

Strategic directions

Timișoara 2023: European Capital of Culture Association targets to encourage participation, involvement, dialogue, and responsibility among cultural, economic, and social actors, as well as decision-makers and citizens, to create favourable conditions for Timișoara to become a European Capital of Culture truly. Additionally, the Association seeks to make culture a key component of local, regional, and national development strategies and to ensure a conducive climate for community cultural and socio-economic development by encouraging artistic creativity and innovation. Furthermore, the Association intends to promote and protect cultural heritage as a fundamental factor in affirming intercultural identity, facilitating cultural participation for all social categories, and supporting cultural education and collective cultural consumption in disadvantaged communities. Finally, the Association aims to become a platform that provides national and international visibility to artists and artistic creations from Timișoara.


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