Artă și ecologie | Chronic Desire - Sete Cronică

This guided tour investigates our relationship with nature and those around us. Audiences will explore notions such as collectivity, social responsibility and sustainability, and their impact on artistic creation and everyday life.

Timisoara Garrison Command - 8 March | 15 March | 5 April | 12 April
Corneliu Miklosi Public Transport Museum - 22 March | 19 April
Ștefania Palace - 1st March | 29th March
* all tours start at 6:00p.m.

Key concepts - eco art, relational art, land art, community gardens, ecology, urban identities, marginal territories, regeneration, sustainability, social responsibility, post humanism


Cultural mediator

Andreea Săsăran
Andreea Săsăran is a graduate of the West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, specialising in Multimedia Design and of the Master of Time-based Media at the University of Arts in Linz/Austria. Her professional background intersects multimedia creation with cultural management. As a visual artist, she communicates and documents through photography and film. Her journeys are accompanied by curiosity and the camera. While investing time in the intervention, production and promotion of art, Andreea manages, curates and develops cultural projects within several teams, where visual and performing artists can research, create or exhibit work in public spaces, natural landscapes or conventional cultural infrastructures.

Part of

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition