CADRE & FORME 2023 Summer School Alumni Show, module 1

Back to the womb / 2123. Back to the womb - the contemporary dance performance developed by the graduates of the first module of the CADRE & FORME 2023 Summer School, will take place on Sunday, July 9, from 7.30 pm, in St. George Square Timisoara, with free access.

The event is the product of 7 days of creation, rehearsal, improvisation and passion of the students coming from several parts of the country, under the guidance of choreographer George Pleșca.

The performance is built on the idea of sincere, pure, naive curiosity displayed by children. The space is one of play, in which each element is treated as a novelty, creating in the performers a feeling of "childish wonder". The atmosphere is generated by strong, changing feelings, like sporadic eruptions.

The Summer School takes place at the initiative of choreographer Lavinia Urcan and is part of CADRE & FORME - a complex dance programme developed by the associations Noi Re-Creăm and Unfold Motion, included in the Cultural Programme "Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" and financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Timișoara Project Centre.

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