By Israel Horrowitz
Director: Salahhe
Cu: Stefan Vasile, Petruș Cristian, Roberth Blănaru, Silvan Motoarca, Andreea Oltean - Pebby

Queue can be described as a vain comedy. Or as a philosophical commentary. Five characters arrive, in front of a line, with a single thought: "I'll go first!". For first place, they'll do anything, sit in line, manipulate, lie, fuck everyone, intimidate, fight and even kill. Who will win this absurd, grotesque, obscene and absolutely hilarious fight? Florin? Stefan? Mona? Daniel? Giornel? 

*There is no extra charge for front seats, but you may have to fight for them.

25 HOURS OF NON-STOP THEATRE (13th edition) is a cultural project co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or the way the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.


The project is part of the National Cultural Programme Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is funded by the Theatre Artistic Excellence programme, run by the Timis County Centre for Culture and Arts, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture budget.

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25 Hours of Non-Stop Theatre (13th Edition)

25 Hours of Non-Stop Theatre (13th Edition)