The Students' Cultural Centre of Timișoara, located at 9, B-dul Regele Carol I, has been operating in the same location since 1957 and was established by Order of the Ministry of Education and Culture no. 1015a/21 June 1957.

From the 60s and 70s, there were many moments of a high point for the Students' House of Culture: many remember with nostalgia and joy the moments of the cine-club at the Students' House, of the disco of the 70s and 80s, of the literary cenacle where texts and poems of the dissidents of the 80s were read, of the rock concerts of bands that wrote history: Phoenix, Celelalte Cuvinte, etc. Over the years, it has been a good home for folklore (Doina Timișului - 1959, Mladost-1969), modern dances (since 1971, Marcel Botscheller's Reflexul), photographic art (1958) and literature (Cornel Ungureanu, Marcel Tolcea, Robert Șerban, Viorel Marineasa, Eugen Bunaru and many others being among those who perfected their way in literature at the "Pavel Dan" cenacle). For a long time, the theatre was represented by the comedy shows of "Thaliei" (later called OZN). After the Revolution, the more experimental and avant-garde troupe of the late director Diogene V. was attracted. Bihoi, "Thespis". Rock bands (obviously youth music) have always found a friendly home at the Student House, with bands like Implant for Refusal, Blazzaj, Amala, Sonatic, Phaser, Popa Șapkă, Crossroads or Celelalte Cuvinte attracting new and new spectators to student events.


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