Thespis: 7 Lives without you

 “… and what would I do if after a lifetime of searching for you I still couldn't find you?.. and what if I felt you near but was never able to touch you?... and what if I had you but would lose you too soon?...... I would probably die just to look for you again”…. 

A tale of seven lives told in the key of love. ‘7 Lives without you’ tells the story of two souls lost through time and different lives, desperately searching for one another. Tormented by loneliness, desire and hope, the only comfort they find is beginning a new life, a new chance, another step closer to each other. 

The story follows the journey from beginning to end of two unfulfilled souls. Like a fall in a dream where you never seem to land, the two characters are drowning in the desperate struggles each new life seems to bring. Their determination to remain as one, paired with their unwavering love for each other, stands tall like a testament of their raw connection, leading them blindly towards their end. Finding the one in a pool of swarming others, only to see it vanish sets in motion the sequence of lives where both have to, and ultimately want to, endure excruciating déjà vu just for a glimpse of that feeling. The hunger for happiness. For togetherness. For us. The prophetic 7 depicts just that, fulfillment despite any obstacle, danger or death. Completion through love.

Concept: Lavinia Oprescu Stoia

Director: Andreea Duțeanu;

Acting: Flavius Andrei Hudișteanu, Lavinia Oprescu Stoia

Set : Nicu Milea

Photo : Andrei Șandru 

Video : Stoia Cosmin

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Neverending Timisoara 2023

Neverending Timisoara 2023