Cozzzmonautica 2023 - Partisans in Space

“Cozzzmonautica this year is imaginatively reaching not just across vast, unreachable galactic gulfs and voids, but across the river Danube to the Balkans.

At times, the city of Timisoara felt pulled closer to Belgrade, Novi Sad, and beyond. Since we know that the universe seems to be flying apart faster than our best models of the cosmos predict, let us not neglect regional exo-planetary contacts and move across barriers towards proximate close encounters. Cozzzmonautica in Timisoara 2023 offers a tranSFfrontalier edition that reaches for the Star of Yugoslavia.

How can we navigate on board the spaceship Earth as partisans in outer space?

On board the Cozzzmonautica spaceship our planetary struggles in these troubled times appear inextricably interwoven. Instead of a quick exit or posh isolation, we find ourselves sharing the same predicaments and long-ignored weaknesses. We are both partial to and part of a planetary vision. Nurturing unofficial inter-regional ties makes us more aware of roads not taken. This year we will confront both Capitalocenic dead-ends and their anti-utopian scripts and try out old and new ways to imagine collectively. We will dive into SF history and dig into gaming lore.

Farewell to extractive industries and the aspirations of billionaires in space. Today, Cozzzmonautica is part of a partisan resistance of a different kind, while heeding the call for a Non-Aligned Movement as a response to new Cold War fears. And as always we can gain many insights from science fiction about our current world and immerse ourselves in musical legacies and spaced folktronics from the Danube region.” - Ștefan Tiron.


DAY 1 – 15.09

DAY 2 – 16.09

This project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in the year 2023" and is funded by the City of Timișoara, through the Center for Projects.

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