Cultural practices as policy shapers and city-creators 

The National Cultural programme ”Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” put to work a new civic energy, and contributed to Timisoara's identity as an avant-garde, multi-cultural and dynamic space, a place where worlds meet and find common languages in real time, shaping the culture of being together, of people being the real city. We are witnessing this co-creation with a multitude of stakeholders, and collaboration is essential. Where and under what conditions are the links between bottom-up city-making and top-down urban policy implementation made? How can participatory practices and collective governance of projects and institutions change how we imagine building the city?


  • Maria Charneco Llanos (Spain) / MAIO Architects,  Tree Nursery - 1306 Plants for Timișoara

  • Jak Spencer (Ireland) / Urban Scale Interventions - Belfast

  • Bogdan Demetrescu (Romania) / Locks on Bega - Timișoara

  • Oana Simionescu (Romania) / FABER & Bright Cityscapes - Timișoara

  • Saša Randić (Croatia) / Randić i Suradnici Architecture Studio - Rijeka and Zagreb

Eugen Pănescu (Romania) / urban strategist

The presentations and discussions will be held in English and streamed live on the Facebook account of the Centre for Projects of the Timișoara Municipality.

The debate is part of the International seminar „VECTOR TM. Culture as an urban practice”. For more information about the speakers and the full programme, do consult the dedicated section on the site.  

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VECTOR TM. Culture as Urban Practice is part of the Power Station programme, the component of the National Cultural programme „Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” dedicated to the development of capacities of the cultural sector and implemented by the Center for Projects of the Timișoara Municipality.

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Neverending Timisoara 2023

Neverending Timisoara 2023