Decision-making in support of culture-led urban transformation

Culture is a public responsibility, whose existence involves various actors and resources, from infrastructure to money, that are to a great extent built on political visions for the city. A series of practices within the National Cultural programme „Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” focused on the built heritage and activated the public space. They also generated different types of partnerships, a shared vision and ambitions, that can trigger an integrated urban regeneration of key spaces in the city. What is the role of public decision-makers to support these vectors of positive change of the city, as they have been generated by the National Cultural programme „Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023”?


  • Stojan Skalicky (Slovenia) / Chief Architect Maribor - ECoC Maribor2012
  • Gabriel Almăjan (Romania) / Chief Architect Timisoara
  • Ivan Sarar (Croatia) / President of the Supervisory Board of ECoC Rijeka2020
  • Jorge Bonito Santos (Portugal) / Head of Division, Interventions in the Public Space at the Municipality of Lisbon 
  • Irina Iamandescu (Romania) / Deputy Director of the National Heritage Institute, Ministry of Culture Romania 
  • Lukasz Medeksza (Poland) / Deputy director of the City Strategy and Development Department at the Municipality of Wrocław


Eugen Pănescu (Romania) / Urban strategist

The presentations and discussions will be held in English and streamed live on the Facebook account of the Centre for Projects of the Timișoara Municipality.

The debate is part of the International seminar „VECTOR TM. Culture as an urban practice”. For more information about the speakers and the full programme, do consult the dedicated section on the site.  

Access to the event is free upon registration, through Eventbook platform. 

Please note that the number of seats is limited. Therefore, the order of confirmations will be considered and a waiting list will be created. Registration will be confirmed through the transmission of an email with the event access ticket.

VECTOR TM. Culture as Urban Practice is part of the Power Station programme, the component of the National Cultural programme „Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” dedicated to the development of capacities of the cultural sector and implemented by the Center for Projects of the Timișoara Municipality.

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Neverending Timisoara 2023

Neverending Timisoara 2023