Discovering the city through art and science

Mentoring and training for arts and science facilitators

Running period: 9 October-14 October 
Location: MV sci-art center & Politehnica University Timisoara

About the program:

The META Space Association organizes a training school for young people interested in the mediation of contemporary art and scientific research and the collaboration between these two distinct fields. For one week, participants will be trained by experts to strengthen a group of future trainers in science and art projects. Early next week we will announce all participating specialists and the training school programme.

The school will include:

  • Exciting theoretical sessions where we will try to answer questions: What connects science and art, How will AI change our relationship with reality, What does Anthropocene mean, etc. and we will try to analyse contemporary phenomena from an artistic and scientific perspective.
  • Hands-on workshops to develop practical communication and facilitation skills with the public when it comes to artworks and scientific research.

It is a unique opportunity to learn from international experts, to be part of a group of future trainers in science and art projects, connecting with passionate and curious young people.

Who is eligible:
The training school is open to pupils, students and young people up to the age of 25, regardless of their level of experience. We want to attract curious and passionate young people eager to explore the intersection of art and science and develop facilitation skills.

How you can participate:
To participate in the training school, you need to complete the application form:  

Places are limited: 10  

Don't miss this unique opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills, connect with experts from a variety of fields and be part of a network of young people eager to bring change to the world of art and science.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0758014015 or email: [email protected]

Program co-financed by AFCN. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grantee.

The event is part of the Sci-art your life! programme, part of the national cultural programme "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded by the Grow Timisoara 2023 programme, Timișoara Project Centre, with sums allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

The project is part of the National Cultural Programme Timisoara - European Capital of Culture in 2023 and is funded by the OverBorder Culture+ programme, implemented by the Timis County Centre for Culture and Arts, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the Ministry of Culture budget.

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Sci-Art Your Life (META Forum)

Sci-Art Your Life (META Forum)