META Spațiu is a contemporary art gallery that supports and promotes artists' work and develops modern art projects that present the works of Romanian and international artists intending to provide a perspective on the artistic scene in Eastern and Central Europe.

Over the years, the gallery has organized events such as Woman, all too woman, Work in process or Meating, as well as other memorable exhibitions in various spaces in Romania and abroad. Its goal is to create a dynamic environment for contemporary art where artists from different fields can present their works. In addition, the gallery is also a sustainable link between artists and society, confronting individuals with beauty. Mirela Stoeac-Vlăduți is the director of the Contemporary Art Gallery META Spațiu, one of the most dynamic cultural institutions in Timișoara.

The projects it runs are META Camp – a residency for artists, its purpose is to connect artists and the gallery team, to deepen professional relationships and to provide artists with an environment conducive to creation; and Baroque||Urban – bringing together Romanian and international artists, performances, art talks and interventions in public spaces or workshops


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