Everything I touch

"Everything I touch" unveils the artistic journey of Uliana Gujuman through the fertile world of plants, a quest to construct a new reality inspired by nature. The artist's compelling works transcend the boundaries of traditional landscape, inviting viewers to step into an alternate world of unusual juxtapositions, distortions, and inversions of natural elements. Through a harmonious blend of imagination and meticulous technique, Uliana Gujuman crafts a captivating universe of extraordinary plants.

At the core of her practice lies a profound desire to explore the hidden realms of existence, where the imperceptible dimensions intertwine with the perceivable reality. The landscapes depicted in these paintings are not representations of the tangible world but rather an invitation to a new dimension of perception. By infusing each artwork with discrete details of fictional elements, the artist engages with their innermost creativity and manifests a rich painting of enigmatic narratives that captivate both the artist and the viewer.

Uliana Gujuman demonstrates a mastery of oil painting on canvas, skillfully employing this traditional medium to breathe life into their surreal landscapes. The intricacy of technique is evident in the delicate brushstrokes that form the colossal herbs and the diminutive figures, creating a mesmerizing play of proportions and perspectives. The artist's ability to fuse realism with the magical imbues the works with a timeless allure, evoking echoes of literary wonders found in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One Hundred Years of Solitude." This poignant recollection ignited the artist's childhood imagination, conjuring visions of unexplored realms beyond the forest's facade. Today, the fantastical vegetal universe she paints becomes a pretext for searching what lies beyond, a realm of reverie, meditation, and imaginative storytelling.

The works in this exhibition embrace themes of the immense and the minuscule, inviting viewers to contemplate the mysteries of growth and the hidden forces that shape our reality. Amidst the supradimensional plants and ant-sized figures, the artist's mythological persona comes to life, opening doors to the realms of the surreal and the fantastical.

Each canvas is an invitation to journey beyond appearances, allowing the imagination to roam free and delve into the depths of unseen dimensions. The exhibition stands as a testament to the artist's dedication to crafting a new reality—a reality where nature, dreams, and the enigmatic intertwine in a breathtaking display of artistic prowess.

Preview event: Thursday, August 10, 7pm
Artist: Uliana Gujuman
Curator: Mirela Stoeac-Vlăduți, Assistant Curator: Marina Paladi

Proiectul face parte din Programul cultural național Timișoara - Capitală Europeană a Culturii în anul 2023 și este finanțat prin programul OverBorder Culture+, derulat de Centrul de Cultură și Artă al Județului Timiș, cu sume alocate de la bugetul de stat, prin bugetul Ministerului Culturii.

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Sci-Art Your Life (META Forum)

Sci-Art Your Life (META Forum)