Forecast, 2023
LED screen, 3,5 m diameter

Forecast is a circular LED screen programmed to display a live, animated image of the following day’s weather in the city of Timișoara. A built in computer module triggers the visual animations based on inputs from an online weather forecast.

The work reads as a signal or an indicator of future time, and the faith we put into predictions of what tomorrow will bring – whether it’s climate change, cultural shifts or political upheaval.

Forecast is a sculpture and a light work that reflects on historical change, as well as the feelings of hope we attach to the speculations of scientific weather calculations, which are not dissimilar to the fortune teller’s crystal ball. 

The work is an extension to Chronic desire - Sete cronică, the Inaugural exhibition for Timisoara 2023 European Capital of Culture. 

Santiago Mostyn is an artist whose practice foregrounds narrative entanglements in pursuit of new understandings of place, both in a cultural and psychic sense. Santiago has long been interested in the interplay of music, narrative and the embodied self, with works manifesting as films, exhibitions and curatorial projects. 

Susanna Jablonski is an artist working in sculpture, video, and sound composition. Often combining highly crafted sculptures and vernacular objects within an immersive installation architecture, Jablonski’s work investigates the ontological value of materials, events and bodies – how they sustain or disintegrate, and how meaning is ascribed to the places and times they inhabit. 

Part of

Neverending Timisoara 2023

Neverending Timisoara 2023