On The Incredible Permeability Of Matter

On the incredible permeability of matter is a performative installation about the eternal metamorphosis of water, about the way it permeates, feeds and influences any environment. Created by choreographer Alexandra Gîrbea and musicians Uțu Pascu and Sergiu Cătană, the installation is the result of an experimental creative process that brings together scientific concepts, avant-garde artistic practices, mythology and philosophy.

Location: The Pumping House @ the Water Museum

On Saturday, the event will be followed by a discussion with the artists Alexandra Gîrbea, Uțu Pascu and Sergiu Catană, at the Pavillion.

The project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded through the Grow Timișoara 2023 programme, implemented by the Center for Projects Timișoara, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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