Rehearsal for a School of Performance | Landscape

For 10 participants registering at [email protected] by Tuesday, September 26th.
Performative workshop calendar (Wednesday-Saturday, h18-20): September 27th-30th, October 18th-21st and November 22nd-25th.
Fridays (September 29th, October 20th and November 24th) are open to the public, same hours.

“Rehearsal for a School of Performance” is both a school and a performance, meeting theory and practice, art and pedagogy, representation and performativity (as two ways of considering reality).

What if the world were stable and what if the world were continuously transforming; what makes the world rest a bit and how could one participate to the ongoing movement and change?
How does one feel close to the skin notions like ‘separating’, ‘difference’ or ‘overcoming dichotomy’; how does one live with contradiction and with paradox; what is the connection between performativity and ecology?

When and how does performance start being less spectacle and more knowledge resource, tool and portal, for both theory and practice approaches, with deep impact in the layers of reality? When and how this knowledge becomes good strategy to symbolically reprogram ‘the human’ in a constant state of crises, inner or outer, personal and global?

How could notions like ‘presence’, ‘present’, ‘body’ or ‘experience’ regain their critical and political value as valid counteraction to the poor contemporary economical and political imagination?

What fine tuning between performance-as-spectacle and performance-as-protocol-for-encounter do each of us need and what exactly is a performative practice? How do performative thinking and practices help as reimagine our relation with the others and the environment, be it cultural or natural?


We invite 10 participants interested in gaining a bit more understanding in performance and performativity to register. No previous experience needed. English speakers are welcome.

Write a sentence or a question related to performance or performativity, either in general or in connection to something of interest to you. Send it to [email protected] by Tuesday, September 26th.

There is a promise of a ‘school’, two hours every evening, four days a week (Wed-Sat), one week a month starting September 27th and ending November 25th. And there is a promise of an ongoing process of research and creation open to the public once a month, on Friday. And there is a promise of planting a long thin temporal work of around 24 hours.

One could choose to participate all three weeks or just one.

We meet on September 27th-30th, October 18th-21st and November 22nd-25th between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.

The work opens to the public on Fridays (September 29th, October 20th and November 24th) during workshop hours.


Last but not least, each week has a theme: There is Language, Landscape and The Choir.
We are waiting for you, on Wednesday, September 27th, at 6:00 pm, to the ‘Rehearsal for a School of Performance. The Language’

Această creație artistică a fost realizată printr-o finanțare Energie! Burse de creație, acordată de Municipiul Timișoara, prin Centrul de Proiecte, în cadrul Programului cultural național „Timișoara – Capitală Europeană a Culturii în anul 2023". Creația nu reprezintă în mod necesar poziția Centrului de Proiecte al Municipiului Timișoara, iar acesta nu este responsabil de conținutul ei sau de modul în care poate fi folosită.

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Repetiție pentru o școală de performance

Repetiție pentru o școală de performance