Truth or Dare, a programme for companies | Chronic Desire - Sete Cronică

What would the artist like me to say? - Participants will learn how to approach contemporary art issues in a personal critical manner; to link information on contemporary art and integrate it into a debate format; to participate in a debate, arguing one position or another; to defend in public an argued position on a given theme; to listen actively. It is a programme dedicated in particular to corporate employees

Timisoara Garrison Command - 17 March | 14 April
Corneliu Miklosi" Public Transport Museum - 10 March | 24 March | 7 April | 21 April
Ștefania Palace - 3rd March | 31st March
* all tours start at 18:00

Key concepts - dictatorship of performance, culture shock - timetabling, work and leisure, modular man, emancipated women, micro-physics of power in the post-industrial age, KPI, corporate culture

Cultural mediator - Adina Ștefănescu
Adina Ștefănescu has a degree in philosophy and computer science. She has been an entrepreneur for 15 years in web and software production. As a result of her interest in IT governance, she completed a PhD and is currently an information security auditor at an American corporation. He has cultivated his passion for philosophy and culture, has published scholarly articles and philosophical essays in national publications, and has participated as a cultural moderator in events such as philosophy evenings, TV shows, contemporary art biennials, and various artistic and cultural programs. He enjoys travelling worldwide, painting in mixed media, especially oils, and writing fiction. In Chronic Desire, she proposes a critical analysis of corporate values and behaviours, using insights from philosophical humanism and a conceptual apparatus specific to organizational sociology.

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Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition