Tur de arhitectură și artă | Chronic Desire - Sete Cronică

A light tour of architecture in the historic districts of Fabrik, Cetate, Tipografilor followed by an art tour in the nearby spaces.

Timișoara Garrison Command - 12 March | 26 April
Corneliu Miklosi" Public Transport Museum - 2 April | 23 April
Ștefania Palace - 5 March | 19 March
* all tours start at 16:30

Key concepts - art and public space, relational art, alternative communities, fragmented landscapes, structures, post-industrial, reconversion through culture, site-specific perspectives

Cultural mediator - Arh. Glad Carpencu Pop

Glad is an architect, independent curator, ecologist, activist and cultural mediator. Since 2018 he has been part of the Contrasens association team, developing and implementing visual art projects as an exhibition designer, curator and cultural mediator. She has a BA in Architecture from Politehnica Timișoara, FAUD and an Erasmus+ mobility at Université Catholique de Louvain - Faculté d'architecture, d'ingénierie architecturale, d'urbanisme Bruxelles/Belgium.

Part of

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition

Chronic Desire - Sete cronică Main group exhibition