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Saturday, December 9 


13:00 - 15:45 - Workshop for educators: The 18 buckets of water or What does the Timis river bring me?with the SNK Association  

A training of trainers about the role of water in human activities and solutions to reduce consumption within everyone's reach. During the workshop:

       We will formulate the 6 key competences in environmental education, 

       We will analyze the "Construction Plan" of an environmental workshop,

       We will learn to distinguish visible water from invisible water,

       We will find the 18 buckets representing the role of water in human activities,

       We will assume technical solutions and eco-habits to reduce consumption from the bucket dedicated to hygiene.

Participation is free, but places are limited. Registration form: 

16:00 - 17:00 - Reading and creativity workshop The Journey of the Beaver Aristide, with Victoria Pătrașcu

The Journey of the Beaver Aristide is a reading and creativity workshop by writer Victoria Pătrașcu for children aged 9-12. The workshop will present, for the first time for the general public, an excerpt from a novel, read by the author. The reading will be followed by games and creative activities. Children will have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers and learn more about the work involved in writing a novel and the contribution of beavers, these amazing animals, to purifying river waters and reshaping semi-aquatic ecosystems with a major effect on biodiversity. "The Journey of the Beaver Aristide" is a story, written by Victoria Pătrașcu with the help of an ENERGIE grant from the Timisoara Project Centre. It is an ecological story that follows the adventurous and initiatory journey of a beaver and his sons from Austria to a village in the Carpathians, with the aim of saving a polluted river and its last inhabitants.

17:30 - 19:00 - Decorative art workshop Water and clouds, with Cornelia Kirali  

In this workshop we will make friends with the clouds by creating a wall/terrace decoration, combining different types of materials suitable for all ages.

Lathe room

10:00 - 12:00 - (Super)Natural Writing - Environmental journalism workshop, with Patricia Cîrtog 

What are you doing to protect the planet? You probably wonder every time you see another news story about the climate crisis. What would it be like to write about it? Come to the workshop to learn how you can use writing to be part of the change. I'll show you storytelling techniques, we'll talk about environmental journalism, and, at the end, I hope you'll leave with a story idea we'll call a pitch. This pitch you will be able to send to magazines if you want to publish an environmental story.

Participation is free, but places are limited. Registration form:

13:00 - 15:00 - Drawing workshop The Water Museum in the future, with d. architect Brîndușa Havași și designer Carmen Săndescu

Water Museum in the Future, workshop for 8-12 year olds. As the city grows, expands and densifies the Water Museum's premises become not only a technical and architectural reserve but also a nature reserve, where people come to enjoy the shade of the trees, good drinking water and meeting friends. The children will visit the park and the buildings of the historic ensemble, learn about the history of the place, and then imagine possible future scenarios, which they will present through short letters or drawings to children from other places, planets or galaxies. We look forward to seeing you!

15:30 - 16:30 - Mattika - experimentation workshops for curious children, with Irma Baloi 

How did the Earth come into being? What do plants eat? How do we know air exists? Where does energy come from? These are just some of the questions that curious children seek (and find) answers to in our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) workshops. Each workshop is a mix of experiments and discussions, questions and explanations. In the workshops we go through different aspects of the natural and man-made world: we learn about water and air, Earth and Sun, energy sources and more.

Sunday, December 10


10:00 - 11:00 - Hatha Yoga with Nico

A yoga class for adults at the museum? Of course. The Hatha Yoga class is a traditional approach to Yoga, where we focus on practicing physical postures (Asanas), breathing exercises, concentration techniques, as well as relaxation modalities. Nicoleta Andreiciuc, Nico, is a yoga teacher with over nine years of teaching experience and 12 years of disciplined practice.

11:30 - 12:30 - Mattika - experimentation workshops for curious children 

13:00 - 15:00 - Journey to Greenland - we build an igloo, with architect Ioana Botea

An architecture workshop, suitable for curious children who love snow and the Northern Lights. We will build an igloo and furnish it to be cosy before the polar night begins... At the end the children will take home the built model. 

Age of participants: 6-14 years

15:30 - 17:00 Book workshop with reused paper from Seneca Publishing house

Attention, the doors are open! And our hearts. A workshop for families about the dreams and light in our home. Each participant will write and draw their own book about the House they live in. We'll learn what green publishing means and use cardboard and paper recycled by Seneca Publishing House.

Lathe room:

11:00 - 12:30 - Creative recycling workshop, with Roxana Rusu

Besides its usefulness in a world overwhelmed by human consumption, recycling allows us to refine our creativity, our ability to give new life to objects we are ready to throw away or are bored of. Roxana Rusu invites you to a fun and educational family activity.

13:00 - 14:30 - Bracelet workshop Message of water, with Liza from Ukraine

Water is an essential resource no matter what country we live in. Through the universal language of creation, Liza will work with children and young people to create bracelets together to remind us of the universal value of water.

Age of participation is 6+.

15:00 - 17:00 - Decorative art workshop Water and clouds

The project is part of the national cultural programme "Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023" and is funded through the Grow Timișoara 2023 programme, implemented by the Center for Projects Timișoara, with funds allocated from the state budget, through the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

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