The German State Theatre Timișoara is a public performing arts institution in Romania funded by the Municipality of Timișoara. With a total of 108 seats and a large number of collaborators, the theatre produces between 5 and 7 premieres per season, playing to an average of 10,000 spectators annually. In recent years, the theatre's occupancy rate is approx. 80%.

The first record of actors in the town dates from 1746, and in 1753 the town administration authorised a German touring theatre company to perform. German theatrical activity continued to be supported by touring troupes and became one of the town's attractions. In 1758, a theatre hall was built in the former Serbian magistrate's building - on the site of the Nikolaus Lenau High School - for theatre performances. Between 1852 and 1870, touring performances, especially from Vienna, often lasted for entire seasons.


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