The Jakab Toffler House Association is an initiative of the tenants of the homonymous building located on Strada Constantin Titel Petrescu no. 4, from Timișoara, established with the aim of generating new forms of social interaction between the current tenants of the building, in a direct relationship with the concept of housing - from its physical dimension to the symbolic one.

In addition to stimulating interaction with the living space, the urban and cultural landscape, the association aims, sustainably and with care for the natural and built environment, to boost social dynamics, belonging to the neighborhood, strengthening relations between micro communities and those of the neighborhood. The Jakab Toffler House promotes the identity of each person in the community as part of an urban ecosystem, the removal of cultural, racial, ethnic, religious or sexual discrimination, promotes multi-ethnic and cultural exchange and the valorization of the material and immaterial heritage of the Fabric neighborhood.


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