The Citizen of Traian (Cetatean de Traian) Association is a NGO founded in 2021 with the mission statement to rehabilitate the Public Perception of Fabric Neighborhood in Timisoara, Romania.

It started as a private civic movement by reuniting small business owners, artists and members of the community to promote each other and communicate in a way as to change public perception about this neighborhood and to bring focus on the beauty of its architecture and rich history.

Currently the Association has over 30 active members, and the three directions of action to achieve our mission statement are:

1. Stimulating and encouraging a competitive small business environment, while keeping the tradition of this neighborhood as a place of arts and crafts
2. Creating a strong sense of local community and encouraging acts of volunteering and urban regeneration actions.
3. Creating and curating cultural events in Traian Square, which is the social and cultural epicenter of this neighborhood, and main flagship of our urban regeneration efforts.

To date we have hosted a wide range of cultural and artistic events, public in the public square of Traian and in the local venues available in the area and through our efforts we have managed to peak the interest of the local authorities and of other cultural operators to invest and host events in this neighborhood.

Our main cultural event is a yearly festival, that incorporates 4 elements: Art, Heritage, Identity and Community. Our primary cultural brand is called FABRICULTURE (FABRICULTURA) and this year will be our biggest edition, with a fairy-tale concept called a PeriFAIRY TALE!

The main event will take place between the 6th and the 8th of July 2023 and we hope to have many visitors from Timisoara and abroad!


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