Festivalul Internațional Orgile Cetății din Timișoara

We are delighted to introduce you to our organ festival happening in Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023: “Organs of the Citadel”. The festival takes place in the span of three months, taking you on a journey to listen to all the organs present in the city, between the 28th of June until the 6th of September 2023. 

Comprising 16 different concerts, the festival showcases the organ in a varied musical context, from solo recitals to concerts together with guitar, flute, brass, or the human voice, and even “out of the box” concepts such as a concert accompanied by sand-art. Apart from our desire to grow a love for the organ in our audiences, we also wish to bring to the attention of our listeners the rich and impressive cultural and architectural heritage of our city. It is one of our goals to help both locals and tourists discover the marvellous historical buildings in which these beautiful instruments reside.

The project is part of the national cultural Programme “Timișoara - European Capital of Culture 2023” and is funded through the LoB2023+ programme, carried out by the Cultural and Art Center of Timiș County, with funds allocated from the state budget through the Ministry of Culture.

Acest proiect face parte din Programul cultural național „Timișoara – Capitală Europeană a Culturii în anul 2023 și este finanțat prin programul LoB2023+, derulat de Centrul de Cultură și Artă al Județului Timiș, cu sume alocate de la bugetul de stat, prin bugetul Ministerului Culturii.