Artist talk Santiago Mostyn - "Chronic desire-Sete cronică"

For the launch of the sculpture video installation "Forecast" of Susanna Jablonski and Santiago Mostyn, we invite you to join us for an in depth conversation with the artist about the work commissioned for Timisoara 2023 and the inaugural exhibition "Chronic desire – Sete cronică"
Santiago Mostyn’s practice foregrounds narrative entanglements in pursuit of new understandings of place, both in a cultural and psychic sense. Santiago has long been interested in the interplay of music, narrative, and the embodied self, with works manifesting as films, exhibitions, and curatorial projects.

The talk will be held in English.

Curators Cosmina Goagea and Corina Oprea will introduce the book Chronic desire – Sete cronică, the published extension of the exhibition which inaugurated Timisoara 2023.

Chronic desire – Sete cronică is a multifaceted project that encompasses an exhibition and a book, both centering on issues of societal transformation, environmental concerns, and the quest for new vocabularies in the face of a brutal present. The exhibition, held in Timișoara as part of the city’s designation as the European Capital of Culture in 2023, featured over thirty-five contemporary artists, exploring the impacts of industrialization, militarization, and ongoing societal shifts. The book, an extension of the exhibition, includes contributions from artists and writers, offering diverse perspectives on the central themes. The title, with its dual meaning of thirst and desire, hints at urgency and the need for reevaluation in the context of a changing world. Both the exhibition and the book emphasize the importance of a situated perspective, examining societal issues through specific locations and contexts. Through careful curation and engagement with various venues in Timișoara, the project weaves narratives of conflict, migration, environmental degradation, and the complexities of industrialization. The authors explore questions of justice, land histories, and the role of art in envisioning new configurations. The project’s exploration of historical sites in Timișoara, including the Public Transport Museum, Garrison Command, Ștefania Palace and Theresia Bastion, adds layers to the narrative, connecting the city’s past to its present identity as a hub of European culture. The essays within the book delve into diverse topics such as direct action, the interconnected relationships between nature, feminized bodies and capitalism, the transformative potential of cultural houses and the restoration of culture in the face of destruction. Overall, Chronic desire – Sete cronică offers a rich tapestry of perspectives, inviting viewers and readers to contemplate the past, the present and the future of societal and environmental challenges.

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Neverending Timisoara 2023

Neverending Timisoara 2023