Regina Maria Park (Queen Mary Park) is the oldest park in Timisoara. The park’s main entrance is located on 3 August 1919 Boulevard, and it has three functions: transit, recreation and sports. The park is home to the former Apollo Cinema, built in 1909 by architect Josef Ecker Jr. and rebuilt in 1955 by architect Paul Schuster.

The park has had several names over the years, reflecting the history that has shaped the city. The original name of Coronini Park was retained until 1918 when it was renamed Queen Mary Park in honour of the Queen, who played an important role in bringing about the 1918 Union. In German, the park was known as Stadtpark, and in Hungarian as Városliget, both translating as City Park. During the communist regime, the park was called Youth Park. Queen Mary Park was called People's Park until 2011, when it underwent an extensive two-year rehabilitation process.


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