Part of the National Theatre "Mihai Eminescu", the theatre's auditorium is classically built in the à l'italienne style, with a capacity of 600 seats in stalls, balconies and boxes, arranged in front of the stage. The stage size is 13m x 9m x 9m, making the Great Hall an optimal space for large-scale events. The Great Hall of the National Theatre is the first stage in the western part of the country and one of the two performance halls in the Palace of Culture.

Following the reconstruction of the hall after the fire of 1920, the ceiling of the hall and the hall foyer with mirrors were decorated with frescoes representing characters from Romanian fairy tales, created by the painter and set designer Theodor Kiriakoff (1900-1958).

Above the stage, on the proscenium arch, is a second inscription in Latin: Mundus scena - Vita transitus. Venisti. Vidisti. Audisti. (The world is a stage - life is transitory. I came. I saw. I heard.)


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