The German State Theater in Timișoara is a public performance institution in Romania that acquired its administrative independence in 1956. In addition to the activity in the headquarters, the theater is constantly present in tours and festivals in the country and abroad. The performances are addressed to the Germanophile audience from the majority population, members of the German community and foreigners from the German-speaking area, but also to those who do not know the language and can watch the performances with simultaneous translation. An important place in the theater's strategy is occupied by performances for children and youth, as well as the activity of theatrical pedagogy.
Since its founding, the theater has produced more than 400 performances, which more than 2.5 million spectators have attended.

Today's target audiences are German-speaking audiences within the majority population, members of the German community, and foreigners in German-speaking countries. People who do not speak German can also see the performances with simultaneous translation. Performances for children and young people and theater pedagogical work are essential in the theater's strategy. Every year the theater hosts the International Youth Theater Festival in German, which is organized in cooperation with the Theoretical High School "Nikolaus Lenau" Timișoara.


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