Deconstructing stereotypes and overcoming marginalisation of Roma communities in Timișoara and Europe.

The programme brings into the spotlight a different perspective, a topic that is often hidden and rejected as not relevant for Timisoara. It has three main types of focus. On one side, a series of activities will target and involve members of local Roma communities and citizens of the city’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Cultural events and workshops will take place in these neighbourhoods and in prestigious locations of the city. On the other side, stereotypes and prejudices of non-Roma will be exposed and challenged through theatre performances, forum theatre, exhibitions and debates. 

The third part of the activities focuses on how Timișoara can contribute to the ongoing discussions about Roma culture at the national and European levels. This part of the project is built in partnership with the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC). It aims to change how Roma cultural heritage is perceived as a part of European culture and support new forms of artistic expression by Roma artists.

Proiectul face parte din Programul cultural național „Timișoara – Capitală Europeană a Culturii în anul 2023” și este finanțat de Municipiul Timișoara prin Centrul de Proiecte.