FAPT | Festival of Performing Arts Timisoara

The Timișoara Performing Arts Festival (FAPT) 2023 is built around the idea of community to investigate new models of creation and coexistence. These synergies are born in the determined time people spend together in a group.

FAPT 2023 proposes a framework for action and reflection in which art is a collaborative, often participatory practice that involves various communities of Timișoara residents while keeping the focus on supporting the agency and empowerment of women.

Three workshops with five artists from Romania and Germany will address members of the Ukrainian refugee community in Romania, teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds and residents of the neighbourhood surrounding the Water Plant Park to explore artistic ways of telling their stories, which will be presented to the public of the European Capital both in performative and video form.

In its fourth edition, FAPT continues to develop new models of addressability, presence, participation and involvement, branches out its artistic offer and creates new local, national and international allies, diversifying its audience. The festival program is made by local and international artists for and alongside people from Timișoara, alongside bodies with different histories, and by people who are redefining the community they belong to or are looking for one to belong to.

Proiectul face parte din Programul cultural național „Timișoara – Capitală Europeană a Culturii în anul 2023” și este finanțat de Municipiul Timișoara prin Centrul de Proiecte.