"Identity" workshop - FEST-FDR seasons

The National Museum of Banat joins the National Theater in Timișoara as a partner - the show is a bridge of communication between Romanian and European culture, with a direct and immediate impact on the community.

Voices of the city is designed on three main dimensions: intervention in the community, reporting to a European identity and promoting Romanian dramaturgy in European theatre environments.

The Identity Workshop component of the Voices of the City project aims to research the European theatrical-performance space, the creation of a formula for citizens to come into contact with the spearheads of the performing arts at the European level, and also the imposition of Timișoara as a top European cultural destination size.

MNaB, through the National Theater of Timișoara, participates in the construction of a first-rate event that the city must assume in the future as one of the most relevant components of European cultural juxtaposition: the European Festival of the Timișoara - Romanian Drama Festival (FEST-FDR), in the formula dedicated to the year of the European Capital of Culture, namely the FEST-FDR SEASONS.