Minitremu is the educational extension of the artist duo Monotremu, composed of Laura Borotea and Gabriel Boldiș. In continuation of their artistic practice that tries to highlight the problems in the Romanian public space through interventions, works and critical comments, their work as organizers and educators is focused on building alternatives, cultural exchanges and creating new learning possibilities. Minitremu is located on the border between art and pedagogy, being an open and collaborative space, in continuous transformation, open source and work in progress, intended for meetings on education and art themes, through which children and young people can have direct contact with artistic processes that generates dialogue and reflection, and encourages them to develop their own vision of life.

Minitremu are the authors of several pedagogical tools and a nomadic camp of contemporary art, now in its eighth edition. They exhibited in various spaces or art galleries such as B5 Studio Târgu Mureș, Magma Contemporary Sfântu Gheorghe, MNAC Bucharest, Fabrica de Pensule Cluj, Casa Tranzit Cluj, Art Encounters Biennale Timișoara and supported various presentations or workshops for children and adolescents such as Reciproca Centre, ABC Brussels or Zachęta Warsaw gallery. They were residents in the Meet Factory, Prague and the mediation program Camp - Notes on Education, part of documenta fifteen, Kassel, Germany. In 2014 they were awarded at the Most Beautiful Books in Romania competition, and in 2019 they were awarded the A.F.C.N award in the "communication and cultural mediation" category for the "Contemporary Art Optional" project.

Currently, they collaborate with Casa Jakob Toffler, an initiative of community activation in the Fabric district, and on the occasion of the program "Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture" as part of the project Outside the school / Horizons of Knowledge, inaugurates the Minitremu (Un)Learning Center, which functions as a permanent exhibition, public library, space for work and studio, agora and garden, in the desire to provide an overview of recent changes in art pedagogy and at the same time to challenge traditional methods of art education and through art.


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